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A Professional All-Round Entertainment Company With 15+Years Of Experience. Professional DJ & Dance Event Services for Weddings, Formal Events, Corporate, Church and Private Parties

Accept no substitutions!! Having experience with so many different types of parties means we're better prepared to handle whatever special needs your event requires.

We are "in touch" with all the current music hits preferred by teens. However, we always respect and comply with the school administration's guidelines. We offer a balanced blend of music that everyone will enjoy, including radio-edited selections, to everyone during your event. 

MUSICFIT DJs can turn your gymnasium into a hopping dance atmosphere playing your favorite top 40 hits. These include, but are not limited to: rap, hip-hop, r&b, country, techno, alternative, rock, oldies, and the list goes on and on. We can incorporate activities like games, contests, talent reviews, prizes, and giveaways at your discretion.

With unlimited songs in our cdg library we can provide a wide variety of music for all age groups and tastes. MUSICFIT DJs wants to assure you that all of your music needs will be met.

Our dance, prom package includes:
Music at all times Introductions or announcements Event coordinator throughout the evening Great sound system Complete music selections

Our corporate events include:
Corporate functions Convention and banquets Team building award ceremonies Product line unveiling Dedication ceremonies Trade show & seminars Sporting events

Our wedding package includes:
Formally attired DJ Music during cocktails and dinner Formal introduction of the bridal party Event coordination throughout the evening Great sound system.

Our party package can include:
Karaoke Jockey Music at all times Introductions or announcements Event coordinator throughout the evening .r

Professional Sound System - Complete Current Top Hit Selections

We have the most progressive updated playlist anywhere. All the hottest and most requested music to fit the occasion. All Versions of YOUR Favorite Hip Hop 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, R&B Rave Rock Country Music Disco Classic Romantic Slow Dance Motown Big Band Era Cocktail Nostalgia Ethnic Reggaeton Merengue Spanish Salsa...........And Much More!

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DJ BIO: This original Midwest native has actually spent more time Southwest, and West Coast. DJ Brian Wirt has been churning out his blend of rhythms for well over a decade now through states from Texas to California. His display of heavy drum backbeat rhythms and funky deep bassline tunes have infected almost every corner of his adopted homestates. From concert touring and experience in the most well known clubs and venues in the US, to rocking his backline sound engineering stage skills with top musicians, recording artists, and has worked on Hollywood major motion pictures. Brian enjoys passing his skills on to eager listeners, this DJ is a master of celebrating a wide range of music and dance house sound. If that weren't enough, he now has a global following addicted to his selections through his work on the internet at Musicfit Entertainment. He has traveled to Japan, and all across the U.S. to major cities like Albuquerque, Boston, Cleveland, Chicago, Denver, New York, Atlantic City, Las Vegas, Kansas City, Nashville, Philadelphia, Tucson, Tampa Bay, Washington DC and others while enjoying extensive residence through the years in Dallas, Austin, Los Angeles, and Orange County. Brian Wirt has worked regular in the entertainment industry for most of his career, and recently completed major designs for health and fitness clubs.

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Are you planning a party ? If you are, we can provide you with premier musicians, videographers, and DJs including more music and the best service any DJ services provide. Unlike a majority of services, If needed, we will send two DJs to ensure that everything goes smoothly. You will have unlimited songs at your reception. Your guests will be pleased when they find that we have most of the songs that they want to dance to. MUSICFIT ENTERTAINMENT provides excellent Lighting, Video, Audio,  and Event Management Services.

If you are planning a Wedding reception, Anniversary party, Birthday Party's, Holiday party, Corporate function, Prom, School Dance, Reunion, Sweet 16 party, or any other type of function be sure, and browse this web site for all the information you will need to book your DJ (Disc Jockey) entertainment, and find all your party supplies.

The music entertainment is the heartbeat of your important affair. Musicfit Disc Jockey Service, we are fully committed to providing you with the DJ entertainment package that will meet if not exceed, your entertainment expectations.

Our mission at Musicfit Disc Jockey Service is to provide the highest quality, most reliable and exceptional disc jockey service to the quality conscious client who demands only the very best. Our DJ business has been built on referrals. Your total satisfaction is our number one goal...... Always.

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The physical act of selecting and playing sound recordings is called deejaying, or DJing, and ranges in sophistication from simply playing a series of recordings (referred to as programming, or composing a playlist), to the manipulating of recordings, using techniques such as audio mixing, cueing, phrasing, cutting, scratching, and beatmatching, often to the point of creating original musical compositions. There are several techniques that can be applied by the disc jockey as a means to manipulate the prerecorded music. These include audio mixing, cueing, slip-cueing, phrasing, cutting, beat juggling, scratching, beatmatching, needle drops, phase shifting, and more.

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